The wine “Spano” is exclusively produced during “the best vintages”, it is the result of the wish to create a strong, intense and complex "Great Red Wine” that is representative of our beautiful land tipicalness.


• GRAPES: 100% Negroamaro cultivated with traditional late harvesting tree system known as Apulian “Alberello” (bush) or “Alberello Pugliese”.

• TYPE OF THE TERRAIN: Red soil mixed with sand and of medium blending.

• PERIOD OF GRAPE HARVEST: Last weeks of september/first weeks of october (when the plant is lightly withering).

• TYPE OF HARVEST: Picking by hand

• MEDIUM PRODUCTION PER HECTARE: 40 quintals of grape

• VINIFICATION: It's traditional vinification with a continuing maceration of grapes and racking-off with an evident intensity of colors and scents. When the grape harvest ends, the starting ageing of wine occurs partly (50%) in steel containers and the remaining part in small valuable oak barrels for about 12 months. Then, at the right moment, the wine blending occurs and after a period of rest, the product is bottled and put on the market after an ageing in bottle of one year. The wine “Spano” is produced exclusively during “the most beneficial vintages”. The bottles of this wine put on the market belong

to the following vintages: 1986, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2003, 2007

and 2013. The wine "Spano" is an extraordinary strong and intense

wine thanks to its ageing.

ORGANOLEPTIC FEATURES: Color: Intense ruby red

with garnet reflections and a good concentration.

Scent: Pronounced, with odors of spices and berries.

Flavour: With a full and a smooth character at the same time.

It has a good balance and reveals a strong character.

Our suggestion: This wine may be served at about 16°-18°.

GASTRONOMIC PAIRING: It combines well with relevant meat and venison course, with hard and aged cheeses. This wine may be sipped during conversation and after a meal. The Medium annual production of 2013 is 6.500 bottles and 300 magnum ones.
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vino rosso salento spano