With a scrupolous selection of grapes and a complex "lacrima" vinification, it can be obtained this extraordinary rosè of great tipicality, the best blossom of our estate. It asserts for the taste singularity and for the "fascinating mediterraneity".

• GRAPES: 90% Negramaro grape and 10% Black Leccese Malvasia grape. These grapes are growed with the planting technique of Apulian "Alberello" (bush) or "Alberello Pugliese" in the most typical Salentine area and exactly in the municipalities of Tuglie, Sannicola, Alezio (LE).
• TYPE OF THE TERRAIN: Clayey, calcareus, of medium blending.
• PERIOD OF GRAPE HARVEST: first weeks of september.
• TYPE OF HARVEST: picking by hand.
• MEDIUM PRODUCTION PER HECTAR: 70 quintals of grape.
• VINIFICATION: Traditional Lacrima vinification. Grapes are left macerating
for 16-18 hours according to the ripening and therefore to the color. During
the racking-off just the 25%-30% maximum is used for the production of
"Mjère" Rosè. Exclusively the best part, the clear one with a coral pink color
obtained from the clear "alzata del Cappello" must, is used for fermentation
at a constant temperature of about 18°. The duration of fermentation is
about 7-8 days and, once finished, the product is transferred to a cement
tank where it will complete the aging for 24 months on its lees, at the end of
which it is bottled without any filtration operation. It is produced only in the
best vintages to confirm our desire to be more and more a company in
respect of tradition.

Color: antique rose with brilliant reflections.
Scents: intense with citrus and spicy notes.
Flavour: decided and savory sip with memory of iodine, ferrous notes and ripe red fruit.
Our suggestion: this wine may be served at 12°-14°.
GASTRONOMIC PAIRING: it is an excellent combination with sapid fish-cooking, medium-aged cheeses, white meat.
PRODUCTION: 3.500 numbered bottles

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vino rosalto salento mjere