The name of this wine indicates clearly its Greek origin of the Negramaro grape variety whose grapes are used to produce this wine and the story of its land.

• GRAPES: 100% Negroamaro grape. These grapes are growed with the traditional planting technique of Apulian "Alberello" (bush) or "Alberello Pugliese" in the most typical Salentine area and exactly in the municipalities of Tuglie, Sannicola, Alezio (LE).
• TYPE OF THE TERRAIN: red soil mixed with sand and of medium blending.
• PERIOD OF GRAPE HARVEST: towards the middle of September.
• TYPE OF HARVEST: picking by hand.
• MEDIUM PRODUCTION PER HECTARE: 70 quintals of grape.
• VINIFICATION: The young age of vineyards and an accurate vinification aimed at obtaining freshness and delightfullness, give to the product vinousity and fruitfullness which make it a genuine product of its land, Salento. The wine produced is already appreciable after some months from the end of the grape harvest. The ageing of wine occurs totally in steel containers for 6 months; then the product is bottled and after about 3 months and is put on the market so that it is possible to appreciate its freshness and how it evolves during the time.
Color: strong ruby red with purplish tonalities.
Scent: fresh, fruity with odors of black-berry and raspberry.
Flavour: fruity and with a good persistance, in your mouth it reveals all its young freshness. It is well structured and has a strong character.
Our suggestion: this wine may be served at 16°-18°

GASTRONOMIC PAIRINGS: it combines well with any meal,
especially with mediterranean cooking. It may be combined also with
some particular fish-courses.
The Medium annual production is of about 15/20.000 bottles

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vino rosso salento grecantico