cantina azienda vitivinicola salento tuglie

Tuglie, land where our fathers have taught us to make these grapes grow, where famous wines are produced in grapewines well kept and protected by brave and hard-working hands able to prune grapevines, to select grapes and to take just the nicest bunches into the cellar, the main place where our energies develop, it's the centre where the winery Michele Calò and sons has its centre of production from 1954.

Our vineyards, located in the most appropriate areas of the municipalities of Tuglie, Alezio, Parabita and Sannicola, are pieces of land with different features among them but which give to wines shades incredibly various and give valuable grapes which are selected with attention and pressed "softly".

It's immense the passion used with the profusion of love for this job that is so ancient and so moderrn. It's a job which can combine the best traditions with new information, succeeding in putting together different grapevines calibrating them wisely and obtaining in this way a product perfect for taste, colour and scent.

Our production, besides wines, includes also two types of grappa and a very good olive oil.