• NAME: the name of the wine derives from the typical color of the rosè wine Cerasuolo, whose name means "red like a cherry"; the cherry is just called "Cerasa" in Salentine vernacular.
• GRAPES: Negramaro selected grapes, growed in our vineyard Prandico, part. n° 27, on the Agro included in Alezio's area (LE).
• TYPE OF TERRAIN: clayey and calcareus and of medium blending.
• PERIOD OF GRAPE HARVEST: first weeks of september.
• TYPE OF HARVEST: picking by hand.
• MEDIUM PRODUCT PER HECTARE: 60 quintals of grape per hectare.
• VINIFICATION: traditional "Lacrima" vinification; grapes are left macerating for 16-18 hours according to the ripening and therefore to the color. During the racking-off just the 25%-30% maximum is used for the production of "Cerasa" wine. Exclusively the best part, the clear one with a pink coral color obtained from the clear "alzata del Cappello" must, is used at a constant temperature of about 18°. The fermentation lasts about 10 days and when it ends, the 20% of the product is carried for 5, 6 months in small French oak barrels of 225 litres capacity; the other 80% is left in steel vats. At the end of ageing of wine, the two parts are blended for the necessary time, before the bottling of the wine.

Color: intense, brilliant, coral pink.
Scents: intense bouquet reminding cherries and fresh fruit, delicate.
Flavour: smooth, elegant and with a good fruity persistance,
accurately sapid.
GASTRONOMIC PAIRINGS: it combines well with
relevant fish courses, mediterranean cooking, white meat.
Production: 10.000 bottles

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vino rosato cerasa salento