We are proud to announce to our friends and guests that our Mjère rosato 2015 and Cerasa 2015 have been recently awarded as best wines: Mjère rosato 2015 has been rewarded as "Grande Vino" by Slow Wine guide 2017 and Cerasa 2015 has won "Quattro Tralci" award by AIS Guide 2017.

These awards are an important starting point, for us and for "rosato" rosé lovers, who drink, perceive its essence and spread its value.

We thank you for your important contribution for the appreciation of our products.

Premio Milano Produttiva Diploma con Medaglia d'Oro

15 giugno 2014

"Milano Produttiva" award – Our company has been awarded with a degree and gold medal as a company which has stood out for its production and value in Puglia and in Lombardia as well.