The Spano extra virgin olive oil is a cold oil extracted (cold oil extract estr. Olio a freddo) with an accurate selection of "Cellina" olive cultivated in Nardo' and of Salentine "Ogliarola" olive, in the municipalities of Tuglie and Sannicola. The old growth-olive trees of Salento are cultivated with traditional natural methods and don't undergo any harmful treatment. Also the system of picking up and pressing of olives respects all antique traditions, guaranteeing an unique organoleptic balance, never obtained from other oils, and giving to it a precise scent and a fresh fruity flavour which always prove the superiority of this oil with its definite Salentine typicalness.

Aspect: clear
Colour: golden yellow colour
Scent: precise olive scent

Flavour: typical nut brittle flavour

Usage: crew olive is used with salads and vegetables, during cooking in tomato soups.

Annual production: 1200 bottles

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olio spano